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For the last two years of his life Disch published his poetry and other thoughts on his blog Endzone

Disch's classic short story Descending;

his short story Minnesota Gothic

his short story Casablanca

his short story Fun With Your New Head;

Disch and Sladek's short story The Discovery of the Nullitron;

his novella Understanding Human Behavior;

a vignette Let Joy Be Unconfined;

Disch's Pushcart Prize winning storyThe First Annual Performance Art Festival at the Slaughter Rock Battlefield;

a vignette "A Novel in the Present Tense";

the short story After Postville;

the short story Painting Eggplants;

the short story
A Knight at the Opera;

the short story Cancelled Friends;

the novella The Voyage of the Proteus: An Eyewitness Account of the End of the World


a review of Walt Whitman

a review of Robert Graves

a review of Later Auden

a review of Allen Tate

a review of Charles Olson

a review of Robert Creely ;

a review of George Hitchcock

a review of Marjorie Perloff

a review of Alfred Corn ;

a review of Chapters Into Verse

What is American About American Poetry?;

an interview by Disch with David Lehman in the Cortland Review;

a review of Victor Hugo

a review of Wagner

a review of Byron

a review of Melmoth the Wanderer

the first chapter of The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of

on Isaac Asimov

a review of Arthur C. Clarke's short fiction

a review of Arthur C. Clarke

a review of William Gibson

a review of William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine

a review of Earth by David Brin

a review of Xorander

Most Overrated and Underrated Science Fiction Writer;

a review of William Burroughs

a review of Richard Brautigan

a review of Jerusalem Poker

a review of Plains of Passage

a review of Niagara Falls Gothic

a review of Last letters from Hav

a review of Krazy Kat

a review of Mr Wakefield's Moustache

a review of Graham Greene

a review of Thomas Berger

a review of Sliver

a review of Michael Chabon

a review of Three Men of the Beagle

a review of Dia: beacon

a review of El Greco

a review of various art exhibitions

introduction to "Tabletop Arenas" catalogue

a review of Vincent Di fate

a theatrical review of Macbeth;

a theatrical review of Tis Pity She's A Whore;

a theatrical review of Aspects of Love;

a review of various stage productions

a review of Moliere

a review of Random House Encyclopedia

a review of Bob Fosse

a review of Dickens

a review of Dot and the Line

a review of Essential Dr Seuss

a review of Tom Swift

four of Disch's sermonettes are here;


a selection of poems ;

Abecedary ;

Zewhyexary ;

Memoirs of a Primrose;

two poems "Sestina for Susan Sontag" and "Some Poets Who Shall Be Nameless"

Everyday Life in the Dutch Republic ;

Convalescing in London ;

Ballade of the New God;


Entropic Villanelle;

The Last Time I Saw Paris;

Poems (for Joyce Kilmer);

Ode to a Toaster;

Color in American History: An Essay;

if you have Adobe, On Smashing China;

if you have Adobe, New York Counting Rhyme;

if you have Adobe, Fairy Song ;

if you have Adobe,Spring Time in the Rockies ;

Waking Early New Year's Day, Without a Hangover;


Mahler's 8th;

Landscape with Tempietto;

A Sabbath Prayer;

Morning Prayer ;

The Great Hall ;

Hansel, a Retrospect or, the Danger of Childhood Obesity ;

Tales of the Village Atheist ;

The Metaphors (not properly formatted);

The Moon at Night (not properly formatted) ;

An Ad for Advil (not properly formatted);


Tom Disch reads from " The Tale of Dan De Lion";

The full-length version of Tom Disch reading his 31 poem cycle," Winter Journey";

Disch's libretto for Greg Sandow's opera Frankenstein;

download a copy of Amnesia

an excerpt of an interview of Disch - about Amnesia;

about Amnesia

more about Amnesia

read Disch's original manuscript for Amnesia


Disch's comments on articles in the NY Sun

Disch's comments on an artists' website

a commonplace book of Disch quotes

assorted quotes from Disch's poetry criticism

a grab-bag of odds and ends;

a grab-bag of lengthy quotes about the early 1960s, John Updike as poet, and Ralph Waldo Emerson;

Disch quotes

on homosexual subtexts and signifiers in Heinlein's "Starship Troopers";

quotes from "Big Ideas And Dead End Thrills";

on the "Bald Woman" as a SF trope;

on P.K. Dick and his critics;

on P.K.Dick's excellencies as a writer, and the Game of the Rat;

on Eugene Sue's "Wandering Jew";

on Pamela Zoline;

on David Stacton;

on David Budbill;

on Maureen Bloomfield ;

on Nancy Schoenberger ;

on Albert Goldbarth and the SFPA;

on the absence of poets at George W. Bush's inauguration;

a parody of J.G. Ballard;

a definition of "Dischism" from the Turkey City Writers' Lexicon ;


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